Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pizza Party! Hooray!!

I LOVE me a Pizza Party!!

Guess what my Favorite 2 Pizza Toppings are.....

That's Right!

Reese Cups and Anchovies!!

Last time we had a Pizza Party
Someone intercepted the Pizza Guy
and ate it all..........

So Now we make our own Pizza!

Here is one by Kit Kat and one by Me!

Reese likes to play catch with his Pizza

But he's not really that good at catching.....

Peanut Butter likes to Help with making the Pizza

Do you like his creation?

He made a Cup sized one too!

But Cup preferred to pile it high with veggies

(he's vegan if you didn't know)

Reese Puff shares his Pizza with a Friend

(ugh!  I will have to talk with him about the company he keeps!)

It's not a party without lots of friends!

Here is Peanut Butters Friend "Duck"

(Clever name, eh?)

and a few other friends from the neighborhood

And York's Friend from school

Here is York, being dainty with her pizza
(what a princess, ugh!)

And of Course Kit Kat

I thought she might like her Pizza Reese Style!

So I said "Catch" and tossed her a slice!

Seems she catches about as good as Reese!

I think its an improvement, how about you??



  1. :b I think you need to improve your catching skills, Kit Kat! XD


  2. I guess the presence of her made the reseas cups fleeilg

  3. My favorite pizza topping is mushrooms! :P


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