Monday, November 12, 2012

Mondays can start Pretty Early, Sometimes!

A beautiful time to hit the beach is just as the moon sets and the sun rises!

You can find great treasures!

And see wildlife you can't see in the daytime!

Like Sea Turtles

And Cute Little Crabs!!

This guy was so Cute!!  I had to play with him for a bit!!

Only His Mama Didn't See it That Way!!

Quick!!  Toss her a Reese Cup so she'll let me go!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. because you are slowly becoming "Tiggerfied!"

      mwha ha ha ha haaaa!!

  2. Helloooo, my dear Tigger-sis! I now have a blog, and I am about to post on it. By the time you see this I probably will have... Happy getting eaten by crabs! ^. .^

    ~Kit Kat, the one and only, the PAWESOME!

    1. grrrrr!
      Mum said I had to follow your blog and link it on my blog!

      It's not fair!!


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