Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leaf Art

Since we were on a "Leafy" Theme this week,

 I wanted to post some Leaf Art Pictures

This is what I was expecting to get:

or even:

Which is pretty is this one!

As Great As They are------

Check this out!

Look at what People can do with Leaves!

How do they Do That????

I thought I would give it a try

And here is my Master Piece!

I call it  "Circle of Leaves with Leaf in Center"

Kit Kat made one too

She calls it "You Just Wish you were This Good"

I don't know what she's so proud of..

It really isn't very good, because  She isn't a wizard

She doesn't even own a wizard hat

Then Kit Kat wanted to make Leaf Puppets,

She put Googly Eyes on Hers

Me, Being the Master Artist, I drew a face on mine

I call it "The Mona Leafa"

This one I call "Self Portrait"

NO, that's not a beard!

It's chocolate smudged on my chin!

And I love Art with Toilet Paper Rolls

So I combined it with Leaf Art

and I  made a family!


Tigger + Leaves + Glue

Tiggytiger?? You have any Glue Remover???


  1. WAit one second...... *makestiggerattacked byleave sculpure* ok I got some glue remover but tiggy tigger needs to help us * starts taking off a few leaves*

  2. I think your leaf drawings are the best!

    1. that is because you an excellent judge of excellentness!

  3. Hehe!! I like Kit Kat's one.. It's cool!!

    ~Kinyonga who is signed into SilverDawn, AGAIN :/

  4. kit kat's is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. i almost typed mikkiroo2 xD

  6. my favorites are the peockock (sorry i didn't spell right) and the parrot and kit kat's


  7. I made my story blog about dragons!

  8. Replies
    1. thanks! from one great artist to another!

  9. Replies
    1. thank you! you have a good eye for art!


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