Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Awww.....Let's Take A Lookie at Baby Kit Kat!

Now that Kit Kat has Two Blogs!
(her journal blog: http://www.kitkatjournal.blogspot.com
and her ode to kit kat blog:  http://www.odetokitkats.blogspot.com/)

I thought before you become her biggest fan, you might want to learn a bit more about her!

So I pulled out Ye Ole Baby Books

Here she is, the day she was born:

Who knew that cute little fur ball was to become such an evil force!

Here She is with Her first stuffed toy

How was I to know she would be afraid of a little Orange Crocodile?

And Here She is on her First Day of School

Poor thing didn't know if she was a boy or a girl!

And here is Kit Kat getting ready for her first school play

I'm not sure what Garden Vegetable she is supposed to be,
But doesn't she look great in ORANGE?!

And Here is Kit Kat with her First Boy Friend!

And Here is Kit Kat going through her
Corn Row Phase
**chokes back laugh**

And here is Kit Kat a month after she ate her First Kit Kat!


The first of Many, that is!!

**catches breath***

ahhh, I do so love my little sis !!

**falls to the floor in laughter**



  1. i thought you were a bit rude to her, but now i know your a great big sis! :)

  2. lol now i am an even bigger fan of kitkat!

  3. Her first boyfriend was a squirrel? I bet she ate him...though she's SO cute, and I love all kats! xD

  4. yep! that was the before picture, I couldn't stomach the after picture!!


    squirrel bones scattered everywhere!


  5. Aawww! Kawaii!!!!! :D So love that cute(and naughty) look!


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