Friday, November 9, 2012

A little Play Time

A little Play time is good for the Soul!

I love playing in the woods!

I could hang out in the trees all day!!

Reese has can climb all the way to the top!

Peanut Butter Prefers to climb trees "Piggy Back" on his Big Sister, Petunia

Cup prefers to enjoy his trees in a swing

Reese Puff can practically run up a tree!!

Even York gave it a try today!

We have been waiting for Kit Kat to join us.

Waiting, for like, hours.....

I wonder what's keeping her??


Kit Kat:  Thanks for bring your Dad's Chainsaw.  
Can you two help me carry it into the woods where Tiggerkat is playing?


  1. I didn't mean to do THAT! I just wanted to make a rack for my room with wood! **gives a packet of reese cups and hugs**


  3. Your #2 biggest fan Sharks87November 9, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    well tigger i love your blog and i reallly like that i have been on other blogs i forgot to comment!!!!!!please get me on the blog please!!!

  4. Hey whoever the person Who is trying to be KitKat: your kinda tuning Tiggerkat's punch line.

    1. Too true, Mango. And nice post, Tiggerkat! I hope you weren't hurt when Kit Kat chopped that tree down! (Lol)

    2. PS. Sorry I'm signed into Kin's account; I didn't notice... (I am SilverDawn and I did the comment above and Kinyonga is my sister, you may already know?)


    3. to Kinyonga/SilverDawn or whoever commented above! I didn't get hurt, because luckily we tiggers bounce as well with our heads as we do our tails!!

    4. True, I do think the person who made up a nice Kit Kat is messing everything up. You gotta have SOME villains in stories, or it won't be interesting...

    5. erm i think its time i tell you who i am well i am the person who made up nice kitkat but the thing is tiggerkat ALWAYS acttcked kitkat first so i didn't see why kitkat shouldn't try to fight back kitkat has always been my fave and i never though she should have so many mean things posted on this blog yes there has to be a bad guy or it would be the most boring thing on earth but there was no real reason why kitkat was bad just because she hates reese cups?? i don't like reese cups in real life kitkats have alway been my fave candy but anyways i know all of you hate me now for trying to take away the bad guy but i still love this blog and kitkat so go and hate me i don't care.. :/

      PS. i may still comment as kitkat but now that i have told the truth i don't think there will be anymore kitkat comments -pads away sadly-

    6. please don't go, don't be sad. I am glad you love kit kat and defend her.

      Just so you understand, she is not exactly real (just as I am not exactly real) and our relationship is an exaggeration of everyone's sibling rivalry. She pranks me, I prank her.

      Loving reese cups and not liking those who don't is a running gag for this blog.

      In real life I don't eat that many reese cups! If I did I would weigh 50 stone! (that's about 650 lbs or about 300 kg)

      So please continue to enjoy the blog, chime in as you'd like with whatever opinions / thoughts you have. And you may want to check out Mimi's blog: which I think will be from kit kat's point of view, who knows, maybe I will be the "bad guy" on that one!

      thanks for following!! TTFN

    7. yes, sometimes Kitkat might say that you played pranks on her too just as you do! :)

  5. (well, she isn't that evil, I actually think she's cute, cuz she's a cat, but she shouldn't chop down tree's, ya know?)

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