Friday, November 30, 2012

Today is Cups Birthday!!!

Mother Cup stopped in for a surprise visit!

And went right to the kitchen to cook up all of Cup's favorite foods!

They took family Pictures

Then all of Cups' Friends Arrived

They put on their Party Hats

And Cup made a wish on his Birthday cake and blew out the candle!

I bet he wished for more reese cups for me! 


Then the Party got into High Gear

There was Dancing


Cup and his Friends tried to see how many Hamsters 
they could squeeze into His Bed!

Then there were Pony Rides

And fun on Slides

Well except for Cup's Brother:  Tiny 

Who got Stuck on the Slide.....

And then the fun ended when Kit Kat and her Friend
crashed the Party:

It got really ugly!!  It even made the news!!

uh....Kit Kat??   

I think I found your Rubber Duckie.....

(Reese X-Ray)

You'll get it back in a day or two........

**tries to hold back a laugh**

But you may want to wash it first......


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!