Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Format Change

Yes, Tiggers don't like Change, but this is really a very very small one!

Instead of have a  Wednesday / Cute Page
a Thursday / Funny Page

I am going to make them weekly posts on Wed & Thurs.

And something New for Fridays!

Drum roll Please

Fridays will be for Tiggerkat's Classified

You know, in the classified section of a newspaper
you list and advertise things.

So If you want me to advertise your blog or your story
or your AJ character / AJ party

Comment it or Email it to me (tiggerkat101@gmail.com)
by Thursday and I will post it on Fridays!!

I think I need a catchier title for this Friday post----any ideas??


  1. I know what the new title should be
    The Daily Friday Reese Cup
    The Daily Reese Cup :D

  2. Could you advetise mine?

    Jammie263's Life


    Also, how about

    The Friday Reese Cup?


  3. Ooh! I'd like to put out an advertisement for Swedish Fish--not quite as good as Reese Cups, but still amazing!
    "Swedish Fish: the second best! After Reese's Cups, of course."

  4. Epical! Nice Friday post idea! I like Ming's title idea. LOL, if it were a restaurant, it'd be TOR Friday's... TOR meaning "Tiggerkat's Ode to Reese's"!


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