Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome IcySpirit!!

I was looking at my dashboard this morning and it said I have 15 followers, my blog states 14, that means someone if following me anonymously (can you say FUZZY SHYIVY !!??)

But that still means I have a new follower and I want to welcome Creature IcySpirit !!!!!!!!!!!

  And guess what, Creature has a blog, go check it out:  www.
AND Creature is a great artist!!!  I hope he sends me some of his great artwork to post on my blog!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I had a 50:50 shot at that and blew it!! lol! sorry!! its fixed!!!

  2. Hey, random comment.

    I think you should make a Cuteness Contest! Please make a post about it. I'll send Rae Ann ans Star (my puppies) first!

    1. The winner gets to have their pet in Super Cuteness! Is that okay?

  3. Love the idea except I will NEVER be able to pick a winner!! So I will post all of them!! I will start a new page, great idea, thanks BG!!!! (but tell Medusa she cannot enter her worm pet into the contest!!)


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