Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vampires!! For Jubei / Spino

Jubei / Spino had a great post about Bats!!  And I mentioned that we have the most fiersome bats in the world, here in Belize.  The worst of the worst!!  I shudder to think about it!! **shudders** 

I get weak and  faint feeling, but I am going to try to be strong and tell you my story.

One day I came home from school.....I went........I went over to the kitchen counter.......and......**shudders again** It's too terrrible to say, so I will just show you what I saw:

ALL   THE    PEANUT    BUTTER    WAS SUCKED    RIGHT    OUT    OF    THE   REESE CUP  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was horrible!  I cried for days, so depressed, I couldn't even get out of bed!!   I couldn't figure out what evil creature could do such a thing to such a beautiful thing such as a Reese Cup!

So I decided to consult the smartest dudes I know:

They were stumped.    They couldn't figure it out.   So then I went to the smartest pig I know:

Peanut Butter did some research and was able to match up the tooth prints to identify the culprit!
It was the work of the most villianous of all creatures!  The dreaded Reese Cup Vampire Bat!!   Here is a picture of one stalking his prey:

And this is what he looks like, up close, after consuming his prey...

Actually...............I kind of look that way too after a good Reese Cup! 



  1. I hope they'll never get get any of my resse cups!*puts in bag and puts traps around it*there! Wait!How am i going to get my resse cups now?!

    1. Just hand them to me, Cuz.....I'll take VERY good care of them for you!


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