Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Imposters!!!!!!! When will it ever end?????

Well, I guess this is the price of fame, but at least these imposters could try harder to be cool, it is embarrassing to have "un-cool" imposters impostering  you!  

 Take a look at these ridiculous impostering attempts!

Is that a beard or long hair????

Ok, maybe that's a cool dance move, but he still looks ridiculous!

A pink gorilla?? Seriously?? that does NOT increase your cool factor!!

Ok, a motorcycle IS cool!!  But where's the cool black helmet and leather jacket??  Still embarrassing.

And you know what's really sad??  My popularity has spilled over to my pets, I found this guy running around my forest.............the first Peanut Butter the Pig imposter!!

  So even poor little Peanut Butter is not safe from these crazies!!  

1 comment:

  1. When will all these impostors end!D:
    I hope i'll never have an impostor...


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