Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A new follower!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!  Today I was looking over my blog and see I have a new follower!! 

I want to welcome TheBeatles!!

 Wow!  TheBeatles!!    I LOVE their music!!!    "It's been a hard day's night!  And I've been working like a dog!  It's been a hard day's night! I should be sleeping like a log!"

What's your favorite Beatles song???


  1. I didn't know that bugs could sing!

    1. Not all bugs can, but these 4 special beatle bugs from england, wow, they could sing great! they're really old bugs now tho, some are not even alive, but their music is still popular! I think even in Germany!

    2. XD THATS ME!!!!! My favorite Beatle song is Rollover Beetohven :-D Btw check out my blog its http://thebeatles0042.blogspot.com

    3. Yay! You say you want a revolution? lol!! Love your blog, I'm gonna link to it!


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