Sunday, March 25, 2012

Off to Planet Reese Cup!

Awhile back on Animal Jam Tricker Treee was telling me about the recent discovery of a Reese Cup Planet.  

Soooooooooo, when I was in Florida we went to Cape Canaveral and my crew and I hitched a ride on a rocket launch so I could check things out for myself!

Cup stole...uh, I mean...secured the Rocket for us:

Peanut Butter and Reese got their gear on.............

And we were off!!    The ride was smooth!!    as we neared the planet I took the pod to fly in for a closer look......  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Rivers of chocolate over Peanut Butter mountains!

I saw a rock slide and went in for a closer look:

It looked like HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I  wanted to stay there.................but the planet was heavily alien tiggerkats!!!!!!!!!!   There was no way I could stay, so I had to return to Earth.

I did get some photos though, which I have posted and shared with you on this blog.

Kit Kat kept bugging me about it, so I told her that the Reese Cup Planet had a moon made of Kit Kat and off she went...............if we're lucky this will be the last we see of her!!

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  1. Kit Kat wasn't so lucky with getting her gear.

    That green Tigger is creepy. Are you relatives or something??


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