Monday, March 26, 2012

Here we go again! It's Monday!!

It started it pretty good..........I went into the city, met with a few fans, got a few high fives....

And Monday was moving along pretty well, I started feeling pretty good about it, even did some bouncin'!

But then IT happened!!  Monday!!!  Reached down with her big Monday Monster Tigger Claws and caught me in the magic yellow ring!!

I was stuck, I had to beg for mercy!!!    

The Monday Monster laughed at me.................

she let me go...........

but TOOK ALL MY STRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt so cold and naked!!!!   


Get your Glue Gun!!     We gotta go hunting for stripes!!


  1. I has glue gun! Me give to you!

    1. Rae Rae! Gonna save the day day! Horray-ray!

    2. -gives glue gun- Don't loose it!


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