Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Green for St. Paddy's Day!

Well, after being trapped and turned green in Tricker Treee's "green room" I have gotten over my fear of green (but pink!  brrrrrrrrr ugh!  that's another story!)  

So with this newly founded bravery, I have decided to go green for St. Patrick's Day!!

I liked this look so much, I decided to get Reese, Peanut Butter and Cup into it!   

Reese went all out with his St. Patrick's Day look:

Peanut Butter did a great job too:

Cup, well he said the only thing he likes about St. Patrick's Day are the shamrocks.......

Is it still good luck if you EAT the four leaf clover????

Kit Kat thought we were all weird and funny looking........she hasn't looked in the mirror yet to see what we did while she was sleeping......

Happy St. Patrick's Day!   


  1. do I tell you this...

    I ate your reese cup (This isn't the first time.)

    1. *jaw drops to ground**turns around and walks away shaking head and dragging tail.......

  2. dear tiggerKATTTT,

    do u seriously have reese, cup, and the pig as pets?! in real??! cuz im seriously confused!!!!!!!! help!!!! :I

    oh and btw i no why u nmed the pets that stuff!! reese, cup, peanutbutter. PEANUTBUTTER REESE CUPS XD

    plz answer my question idk if ur serious or nto!!!


    1. You are the 1st to figure out that on my pets names!

  3. A little exaggeration is a very imprtant part of any kind of story telling!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Now the pet names make sense!! I always thought there was something fishy about the names...I couldn't quite make it out o.O!!


  6. Happy St.patricks day cuz!:D *gives green resse cup*

    1. aaaaaaaaaaah! that was good! thanks cuz!!

  7. Wait, does trickertreee have a green museum?
    Then I have met him


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