Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Shopping with Tiggerkat!

For your Convenience I have put together

A Back to School Shopping List

to meet All Your Back to School Needs!!

On the First Day of School 

You will want to Be sure to make a 

Fashion Statement!

That's easy enough with my Tiggerkat shirt!!

And Tiggerkat Shoes!!

And you need the Coolest Backpack

And Lunch Box


And Binders

(Do you see the reese cup nose??!!)

And Here is my favorite item---

This Pencil Sharpener!


  1. That's err... interesting. I'm sure the nose will appreciate the fact that a pencil has just been driven into it's nose.

  2. I like the shoes and the binder! They're amazingly cool! Maybe I should make my binder look like that!

    This was written from my uncles iPad. Have you ever

  3. Back my other comment....

    Have you ever made fun of or talked with Siri?

    1. Me? Make fun of Siri? SIRIously?


      I make fun of everything / everyone at least a little bit. Is Siri = Sirius Altinek?

    2. There is another Siri: The iPhone 4 Siri.


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