Sunday, August 18, 2013

Amazing Story of a Man with No Arms..............


  1. Cool! I also know a story about a man with no arms, and no legs!


  2. Sorry if this is off topic but.... I NEED HELP!
    SO i just found out who will be in my class this year and I'm really nervous since they are all popular kids and I'm a nerd in school, so to them they may think of me as some kind of freak! And even weirder, they are pretty much all dating! It will feel so weird since I will pretty much be a nerdy freak to them and they will be the popular girls, will have their usual blonde hair with no glasses, while I WILL STILL HAVE GLASSES AND BE A NERD and the popular boys will pretty much still have their stupid talk about sports, while I will most likely be left with no one to talk to about Percy Jackson, Pi, Math, Academics, books, (pretty much nerdy stuff). Help? I don wanna be alone! :(
    I will apologize if I have acted weird in this comment

    1. Just made a post on this, inspired by your comment............

    2. You know what? Don't be afraid to be you! You are created this way, and don't let anyone try to change that. If they think you're nerdy, that's okay, and about the popular kids, they're not popular! It's what you do to your friends that makes you popular, just because they go to big-name stores, or have iPhones and such, doesn't mean they are popular, they're just trying to get attention and people to like them. About Percy Jackson, Pi, Math, etc., that's great! It shows you are passionate about things like school! Dating is not necessarily great, as who knows if you're actually going to marry that person after university? Will the guy stick with the person all the way until they're married? It doesn't always happen. So just be yourself, don't try to be like the popular people.


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