Sunday, August 11, 2013

American Football with Strongboy88

Some of you may know Stongboy88


Well this year he starts Football!

I thought he would benefit from my wisdom

I showed him my best plays!

Reviewed how to catch the ball

How to blast through the Defense

And MOST Importantly

How to have a Good Touchdown Dance!!

Then it was time for the Big Game

The boys took the field:

The First Play of the Game

And Strongboy Caught the Pass!!!!!

He made it through the first line of Defense

And Bamboozled the Second Line of Defense

With a Clever Camouflage Scheme!

The he Leaped into the End Zone!!!!

He was on Fire!!!!!!!


And now, for the most Crucial part of the Play:

The Touchdown Dance!!!


He Nailed It!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, Strongboy!

You can stop now!!


Does anyone have his "off" switch???


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!