Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School Advice

Alot of you will soon be doing this:

And Alot of you are Nervous!

So Here is 


5 Tips

As Good As Reese Cups


Survival in a New School Year:

1.  Always Trust in God

Pray for His Protection, Strength, Guidance and Wisdom 
to help you face your fears

2.  Always be Yourself.

You are amazing
You are beautiful
You are talented
You are a good friend

3.  Don't dwell on your fears, or they will own you

You must own them---push them away as best you can 
and focus on the positive.

Focus on your real friends
Focus on the stuff you like about school

4.  If you are truly feeling overwhelmed talk to someone

A Parent
A Friend
A Pastor
A Teacher
A Coach

A Tiggerkat

5.  Reach out to Others

You will feel stronger and more confident in Yourself
When You Help Someone Else.

Look around your classroom
 Or At Lunch

Or Recess

See that Kid by themselves?

Go Introduce yourself, 
Invite them into your circle

You could make a difference in their life

And in Yours........


And Remember----When Life Hands you Lemons.....

Throw them away and get a Reese Cup!!!


A Final Thought:


  1. Thanks for the advice! :D
    Next week on Tuesday is the first day of school for me! :O

  2. Good. Always trust in the Lord. When life gives me lemons, I eat lemon flavoured Skittles. (not the character)

  3. Lol, I posted that last thing on TGTBT when I was Tucker! :P

    I'm starting School tomarrow! Kill me now!

    1. Good luck, I don't start school for one more week. *hands packet of Skittles and Reese cups*


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