Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Follower!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Welcome:  Akili Jani !!

My Photo

Sounds Hawaiian!

But I don't think wolves come from Hawaii!

And you can see, Akili is a very smart wolf!

She's wearing glasses!

I think she likes to read....alot!!

I wonder if she has ever read any of my books?
Like "Tigger Potter and the Sorcerer's Reese Cup"

Or, "The Tigger, the Witch and the Reese Cup"

Or, the best contemporary seller

"The Hungry for Reese Cups Games"

But that one is a bit depressing........Tigness never finds that Reese Cup........

But I digress!!

So Please Welcome:  

Akili Jani

**looks around impatiently**

Peanut Butter!   

Where's my confetti cannon?



it's broken.

Seems Reese Puff was trying to use it to shoot treats into his mouth.

Plan B:

So here we go!



  1. Err, *cough*, Thanks Tiggerkat! That was a surprise, first thing when I see my blogger dashboard, there's a picture of moi.

    *hands reese cup to Tiggerkat*

  2. Tigness... xDD. You are really funny, tiggerkat!


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