Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome Pandablueness!!

But why is she greenish?

Pandablueness isn't exactly new to this blog,

She is also known to me as Lineyluv

But she was gone for a bit and now she's back!

And she has a blog called

"Insert Catchy Blog Title Here"

Isn't that an original and clever name for a blog??!!

I love it!!'s the link!

So let's give it up to 


**Cheers and Confetti rain on Pandablueness**

**Tiggerkat presents with basket of Reese Cups**

Welcome back, Lineyluv!


  1. WWWWWEEEEEELLLLLLCCCCCOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!! :D. I haven't commented forever :'C. So busy....School is so time-consuming .-. :/

  2. wellcome!!!! XD (I followed your blog!!)


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