Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghosts from Halloween's Past

As we are preparing for Halloween next week

I thought I'd share some pictures of all of our First Halloweens!!

Here I am at my first Halloween!

(I was at that "teething" age)

Here is Reese's very 1st Halloween!

Here is Peanut Butter (2nd in line)

for his 1st Halloween!

Here is Cup's first Halloween

(He had to grow into that witches hat!)

Reese Puff was too young last year to dress up...

Here he is with his litter mate last Halloween

York is was also very young last year at Halloween!

And here is Kit Kat on her First Halloween!

I don't know who glued the top onto that Pumpkin!!

(hee hee!)


  1. Kitkat: AAAGH! I'm trapped!
    Me: Haha!
    Kitkat: Tiggerkaaat!! I'll take revenge!

  2. another thing! Reese Puff's bday is the day after tomorrow, I know as i bought him first and gave him to you!

  3. aww i am wearing a ninja suit for haloween

  4. Your so funny, Tiggerkat! You have just a way of making me laugh my head off! XD

  5. For Halloween I'm going as a dragonslayer. Now my brother hates me. .G.

    1. WHAT?! you are going as a dragon SLAYER?!!! Now I feel betrayed... DX

  6. Kit-kat in a pumpkin.....CUTE! I don't know if you've figured this out, but I love cats.

  7. XD Look at Kit-Kat when she was young and got easily trapped in a pumpkin!


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