Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Return of Tiggerpaka!!!!!

I was checking my blog last night and saw THIS comment from


"i am tiggerparka
i escaped from the bars i shall hang you with yoddling 
when i come back 
and i will hang every one of your commenters 
when i come back! 

p.s. i ate the zoo keeper "


Hang by Yoddling?

That sounds Horrible!!!!

And it was at this moment of Realization when
there was a Flash of White
and a
bone shivering evil laugh!


"Well, well, well!  Hello Ole Tiggerkat, Ole Pal!!"

I shuddered.....and asked Tiggerpaka if he was really here to kill me
and my commentors.

He laughed and said no.

It was a prank

And He set me free of the Net.

He said he was a new man.
A happily Married Man with Family!

He said the breeding program at the zoo was a success.

He fell in love with his lovely Bride at First Site.

Then He Introduced me to:

The Beautiful Helga:

"Helga and I are proud Parents"
continued Tiggerpaka

Let me introduce you to the Munchkins!

And 5 little cutie pies crowded around Tiggerpaka.

I asked their names

"This is Reese, Peanut and Butter"

"And here is Cup"

"And Puff"

They were all Soooo Cute!!

I was bouncing for Joy all over the place!!

We played and played when all of a sudden
 Tiggerpaka packed up the family and drove off into the sunset.

I think I'm gonna miss the little feller!!

**looks around***


Where are All My Reese Cups?!?!?!


  1. lol lol lol actually i am also friends with the munchkins and i got your reeses puffs back

    1. ha ha ha ha how funny i took all ur puffs

  2. gives akk od reeses puffs back to tiggerkat sorry my munchkinds wanted to try it here you you go

    1. now i took all ur puffs all so say good bye ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Happy for Tiggerpaka, he's my second favorite character on this blog! :D

    1. 2nd to Tiggerkat, I am sure!! 8D

    2. Er, 2nd to Kit Kat... You're my third. xD

    3. >:

      Well, then your'e my 3rd favorite cousin!

  4. here you ho ebery reeses puff in the world to recover

  5. resse thief A.K.A iggerOctober 9, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    bwahahahhahahahahaha tigger parka was only part only part of the great Resse heist to capture you and hobbes ya he has a crush on you un un annoused to Calvin

    1. tiggerparka ovioaly failed igger hehehehehehhe :P
      oh great ahh help * runs while bing chased by igger * AAAHHHH


  6. tigger help me i am stuck in a reese theif called tiggerlight and he is a pig he also farts to much and he steals everything people have and he locked in hid cage and now i hear fart sounds!I can't stand it help!

  7. Oh, it wasn't Tiggerpaka. It was Kit Kat, I saw her running into the woods with your Reese Cups!

    1. NO I DIDN'T YOU MEANIE! thoses weren't reese cups thoses were kitkats!!!!! geez cant even tell reese cups from kitkats..

    2. Well, it's only a blog, and calling someone a meanie isn't going to fix things... Plus, you aren't actually the real Kit Kat, no offense.


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