Friday, October 26, 2012

Reese Puff's Birthday!!

Yep!  He's a little bit excited!

Mimi reminded us that today is Reese Puff's 1st Birthday!!

And he was begging for a party!

He already had his Party Hat!

So how could I say No??

But being a Jack Russell

There is always a little trouble coming when you least expect it!

I had everything all set up and was waiting on the guests to arrive.

I set Reese Puff's cake on the table and left the room

for just one tiny minute!


Well, how can I be mad, it is his birthday!!

Here come his friends!!

Now the fun can begin!!

Let's go outside!!!

That's Jack Russells for you!!

Always a competition!!

We had pony rides!

Jack Russells are also not good at taking turns!

We had Jack Russell Races

(If you've never seen this in real  life its alot of fun!!)

Some wild hurdles

played frisbee

bark at balloons

and did a little tree climbing

I didn't realize Kit Kat was "encouraging" them......


Don't Listen to Kit Kat!!!

Too Late!!

Is there a Doctor in the House??

uh......not sure that is comforting!!

Poor Reese Puff!

But He Had Fun!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


  1. I don't know what to say! Either: XD
    Or: DX
    Hehe! :p How do you make your posts so funny?!


  2. KIT KAT...!!!!!!!!!!! You just ruined Reese's birthday! WATCH OUT KIT KAT! >:)

  3. i wish i was there and i got reese cup a get better card. Then i tackled kitkat in a tree and i won

  4. Evil KitKat...

    One of my teacher's Jack Russell got run over by a car and died from broken ribs.

  5. evil kitkat frames me again D:

    1. stop your nicness we know you are evil

    2. look at post

      and you will see that its really evil kitkat framing me!!!!! i will prove it to you one day!!!!

    3. But how could there be more than one Kit Kat? o3o I liked it when Kit Kat was evil.

  6. Tiggerkat I made you a cookie at a Halloween party! It had orange icing and Reese's pieces. But I ate it. >.<

  7. OOhhhhhh NOOOOoooooooo....... Poor Reese puff.....


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