Saturday, January 28, 2012

Proud of Strongboy!!!

Headed up north today to watch Strongboy get his black belt!!  So excited!!  You know, I'm a black belt too!  Well, actually Black belt with orange stripes, also known as a Tigger is the highest of the black belts, very, very difficult to achieve!  You have to be able to karate chop stacked reese cups in half, jump split kick reese cups and then eat them without missing a crumb!

Ok, not my best side in that picture above!  (that was back when I was fat)  I did my early training with a well known Kung Fu master.....see if you recognize him:

well, here I am, outside the Dojo!  Can't wait to go in and see Strongboy do his thing!!  Wicked!!

Oh....BTW.....Did you know Great Shot does karate too??  She's baaaad to the bone!!   Here is a picture of Great Shot and Strongboy when they were much  younger sparring each other in karate:

Aint they cute!!!  That's Great Shot on the left, looking at Strongboy like "Oh no you diiid--n't!"   And Strongboy is preparing to get his butt kicked!! lol!!

Well, Congrats Strongboy!!  You are most awesome!!!


  1. I am proud of my brother! And you're right, TK, I AM bad to the bone! Hope to see you at the Dojo!

  2. Cool!I didn't know that you are a kung fu master!:O

    ps:cousin i made a post about your birthday on my blog!:D


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