Saturday, January 21, 2012

I filled my Jaama Journal in one visit to Temple of Zios!!

I found all the creatures / plants in like 15 minutes!!  Then I got my prize, the Elephant Throne!!

So, I can't do screen shots, so I used Google Images and put in Animal Jam Elephant Throne to get the above pix.  Then for fun I put in Animal Jam Tiggerkat and found these pix:

 Isn't that COOOL !!!   you should check it out, bc I saw some of you guys when I put in Tiggerkat, so who knows what you will see with your username!!


  1. when i put in ampharos92, i found THIS blog and some of my blogs. the pictures were some pictures i used on my blog. wow.

  2. search ampharos92 and see what happens...


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