Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fuzzy ShyIvy

So yesterday I'm on Animal Jam and everyone is all in a buzz about some chick named Fuzzy ShyIvy.  "She's back!"  everyone was cheering.  Who the heck is this chick?? And is she really Fuzzy?   I found this picture from google:

Cute lil bunny!!!  Looks like she's wearing Reese Cups!  But, evidently this is the "old" fuzzy shyivy.  The new one is a pink panda bear.  Blech!! Tiggers don't like pink!   And I don't trust Pandas---they steal your Reese Cups!  How else do you explain their roly poly-ness??!!

Anyway, I know why she's back.................she's heard all about my soaring popularity and is a secret fan of mine!  She is stalking me now, I know it!  Beware the Fuzzy ShyIvy!!  (Like I said, I never trust pink pandas and neither should you!)


  1. YOU DONT TRUST PANDAS?!? What about blue pandas? BTW, I'm following you now!

  2. Blue pandas are great! Its justthe pink ones you have to watch out for! Never give a pink panda a reese cup!


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