Saturday, January 14, 2012

***checks calender****Whew!! It's Over!! It's now Saturday the 14th!

I hate Friday the 13th!  Bad things always happen to me on Friday the 13th, like running out of Reese cups!!  So I spent the whole day yesterday hiding from Friday the 13th with a couple of my friends.

I made my bestest growliest face to try to chase off Friday the 13th, it took nearly 24 hours, but I did it, I scared him off!

So you want to know why I am scared of Friday the 13th.........just look what's happened to Tiggerkat on Friday the 13ths in the past:

well there was this one Friday the 13th that started out cool, mom got me a dog.....but I should've + kat = trouble:

That took awhile to recover from  ***shivers***

Then another Friday the 13th I got run over and flattened by a steam rollar---you see that sometimes on cartoons, when it happens for real, well, it REALLY   REALLY   REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!!!!

If you look really close I swear you see Eeyore smile. 

Luckily, not every Friday the 13th is bad for just me, just look what happened to my dear friend Pooh Bear last Friday the 13th!

So that is just some examples of WHY  I HATE FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!


  1. 13 is my lucky number! I have GOOD luck on Friday 13ths!

  2. good thing there's no friday 13 in september it's actually friday 14!


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