Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Riddle for My BBBF's (best blogging buddies 4vr!)

I know of a green glass door....

that allows pepper to come in...but salt cannot....

that allows yellow to come in...but blue cannot.....

That allows tiggers to come in....but tigers cannot..

that allows reese cups to come in...but kit kats cannot!

Can you explain my door?


  1. I knowz it! My friend told me it a long time ago!!!!

    I won't say, though. But I do know it :)

  2. Ooooh I know this one!!!! x3
    Should I say it??

  3. Hmmm....... clueless like ilovemypets.....

  4. is it your green eyes.
    salt is heavier than pepper,thus it does not get into ones eyes when it is put into a dish.
    yellow well that is 1 of your fav colour i guess
    tigger: you know it
    reesecup is your eyes candy

  5. I thought it was BBBBF?
    (Best Bouncing Bloggy Buddies Forever)


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