Monday, April 15, 2013

I love Spring!

Back home in the states, it is SPRING!!!!

My favorite Time of Year!!

Because everything looks like a Painting by Monet!!

Here in Belize, it is pretty much the same year round

Kinda like a Painting by Gauguin:

I love love love Art!!

Here is some Tiggerific Art for You to Enjoy!!

I was having trouble keeping still, can you tell???

Here is more Tiggerific Art!

Here I am when the world was all Black and White!

Mosaic Tiggerkat!!

I shared my Self Portrait using Paint in an earlier post....

Here are some other Self Portraits!!

I Like this Abstract Self Portrait of Reese!

Here is Peanut Butter completing his Self Portrait!

Cup's Self Portrait---his "Blue Period"

Reese Puff looks cool in His Self Portrait!!

And York did hers:

And Here is Kit Kat's Self Portrait:

Wait a minute!!

She's not THAT good of an artist!!

I Wonder  Who Painted that For Her???


  1. Replies
    1. **head whips around**


  2. How about some Renoir? Or Van Goh! XD
    By the way, I Love the mosaic one! :D:D

    1. yay! a fellow art lover!! I love van gogh! and rembrandt, and pretty much all the reneassaince painters!


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