Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ridiculously Photogenic Tigger

Have you seen the latest internet craze?

No, I don't mean Planking

Or Tebowing

Or even the Harlem Shake:

I'm talking about Ridiculously Photogenic!

It all started with this dude running a marathon looking like he just stepped out of GQ magazine

(that's him in the purple)

Then there was this lady who just had a baby and looked Ridiculously Photogenic!

(even the baby is Ridiculously Photogenic!)

Then there was this lady who just had surgery!!

And most recently Ridiculously Photogenic Ju Jitsu Guy:

So I started looking through my old photos!

Surely someone as Tiggerific as Myself would be Ridiculously Photogenic!

Here I am in a Marathon

looking the wrong way----grrrrr!!

Here I am with a Baby (ok--NOT my baby!!)

Wait!  I wasn't Smiling in this one!!

Ok---let's try this one of me in the hospital 
(when I broke my Bounce!)

UGH!  I look Horrible!!!

Ok---One last Try

I did take Ju Jitsu ONE TIME----

Sheesh!!!  I give up!!

I wonder if I have any Ridiculously Photogenic Pictures of Kit Kat?
**Digs Through Box**


Here Ya Go!!

This is When she was Blonde!!


Ridiculously Photogenic!!


  1. O.O

    That would explain my kitteh's behavior over the past couple of weeks! He's been smiling a lot...

  2. Meerkats are ALWAYS Ridiculously Photogenic!


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