Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Star Wars Day!!

It's May 4th!

Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you!!
(fourth! force!)

Get it?

Here are some pix of my 
May the Fourth be with You  Par--Tee!!

We had a Veggie Platter!

And Fresh Fruit

And Yummy Sandwiches

And Cup Cakes

Hans Solo Jello

And  An R2D2 Reese Cup Cake!!

We had a Rockin' Band!

And a Groovy Disco Ball

And Dancers

And  a Costume Contest!

Here are some of our Contestants!

Here is the Winner for the Best Ballerina Darth Vadar

And the Cutest Droid

And Kit Kat won for Best Princess Leia

(did I mention Mum was the Judge??)

Here is the Cutest Ewok

And Best Chewbacca

Best Space Ship

Fastest Darth Vader

 Winner of Best Bounty Hunter with a  Doggie Gun

It was a Great Party!

Hope the 4th was with you this day!!



Quickie Funnie!!


  1. Thanks I didn't know such thing existed. XD

  2. Can you please help me with linking The Reese's Blog, only only if you truly adore Reese Cups! :'( I'm really sad that no one likes Reese Cups!!! The link is on the right of the blog! :(

    Remember, only if you truly adore Reese Cups!

    1. what do you mean? You want me to link to your blog? I think it is on the left side...........

    2. it might be but no one even looks at it. A pic would do good, I guess

  3. Who here is a man (or woman) of the Bac?


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