Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vacation Time!!!!

Friday we leave for Vacation!

I can't wait!

I am going on a Cruise!!

well, hopefully not that one!

And Best of All....I get to be with my Cousins!!

Great Shot Loves Me!!

And of Course Strongboy too!!

We are going all over the Carribbean

In Haiti we get to go Snorkeling

Then In Jamaica we hang at a beach resort 
with a Big Water Park!!

And then In Mexico we will Swim with Dolphins!

And there are lots of fun things to do on the ship too!!

Like Zip Lines

And Surfing

And Amazing Shows

And Lots and Lots of Food!!


 I hope they have Reese Cups!!

So I may not be able to post until I am back---which is in like 2 weeks!!

So Big Time TTFN !!!!!



Can you keep an eye on my Reese Cups while I'm gone??

***Opens Safe Door***

Don't Let anyone Near them, K?


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  1. -sneaks a hand into the stash when Tigger turns away-


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