Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Day Started Out so Nicely............

I had just kicked back to enjoy a nice healthy breakfast

of Reese cup cereal

When there was a knock on my door...

actually more of a desperate pounding.

I opened the door to find:


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She was looking panick-y and was waving around

some beat up kind of paper

"Tiggerkat!  We need your help!"

"We received this note today at Tiggerpaka's Headqu----er


Play House and we think he's been Kidnapped!"


Who would want Tiggerpaka??

 So Nutello told me how Tiggerpaka hasn't been seen

for almost 3 weeks and this note showed up today

in a bottle

washed ashore.....

Nutello handed it to me and I read it:



You must come at Once!

I am being, uh, detained

by Pirates!!

I have attached a map of my location to this bird......

Stupid Bird!

Come Back Here!!


You are on my # 2 List!!!!

That was my only map, but Tiggerkat will be able to locate me!

Go Get Tiggerkat!

Sincerely,  Your Beloved Emperor of the Bloggosphere
The One and Only
The Greatest
The most awesom.....

gotta go!

Come Quick!!


I looked at it, front and back

and asked Nutello

How do you know this is from Tiggerpaka?

Nutello face pawed and grabbed my shoulders shaking me and said:

"Because I am the Intelligence Officer and I know it is from Tiggerpaka!"

Ok, but why would I want to help you?

Nutello looked left

then she looked right

then she whispered something amazing to me!

A Pirates Treasure!

Filled with Reese Cups!!!

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!

But I will need your help!!

This newest Adventure will be my Next Story!

And---Hey, Mimi!

guess what!

There will be Character Sign Ups!!!

So Click the Newest Page Tab for my Newest Story:

"The Quest for the Reese Cup Treasure"

Also to be Known As:

"The Rescue of Tiggerpaka"


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