Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wahhooozzzzie!! A New Follower! Welcome Stitch4 !!!!

My Photo
Hmmmmm......His Avatar looks like an illegally obtained photograph from a concert!!

(Jk about the illegal part)

I guess he couldn't get a screen shot of me from The Tigger Movie.

Oh well, concerts are cool.  I love going to concerts!   Especially when my favorite band is playing!
Tigger and the Bouncers!

But back to the Important Subject on Hand!

Welcome Stitch4!!!!

He has a blog----Brand spankin'  new!

So new in fact, that Today is his First Post!!!
So go check it out and be sure to follow!!!!

A 1000 reese cups to the 1st 10 followers!!!

And a million to the very 1st one!!!!

Get Ready! Set!  GOOOOOOO!


oh! lookie here!

I'm the first follower!!

Lucky Me!

***Reclines in chair and nom's 1,000,000 reese cups***


  1. I took the picture when I went to Linkin Park's concert in February, so nope it's not illegal! Don't worry I'm not an evil person. xD

  2. LOL! I love it how you do welcome posts for your followers :D


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