Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome 2, make that 3 new Followers!!!

I am up to 12  13 followers!!  (including BigGoldfish who is following me twice) My blog only shows that there are 11,12, but when I go to my dashboard it says there are 12  13 followers.  So someone must be following me privately........which can only mean one thing....Fuzzy ShyIvy is STILL STALKING ME!

But I wanted to welcome my 2  3 newest followers! 

MJ, Miss Piggy and Hamish Cat!!   ***cheers, applause and confetti***

MJ and Miss Piggy do not seem to have a blogs, so I can't follow them back, but I am sure they would be awesome bloggers if they did!!  

And MJ---you need a better camera, that one make you look very gray, like you're in a fog or something!  ;-)

Hamish does have a blog, so I am following her back and will make a link to her so you can follow her too!   But I couldn't comment on her blog.   Don't know if it is her blog or my computer (which has been crazy stupid today!)

Took me 2 hours to get online (stupid wireless network vs my stupid brain) then I go on and see Plusigirl is on AJ and she's supposed to be having a party so I want to go to her den, but its an ocean den and I deleted my seal.  

So again, I had to put my stupid brain into action and figure out how to delete my monkey (which got me 500 gems, weird, didn't think monkeys were worth that much) and create a seal which I named Snickety Jelly Toes.   This all took me about 15 minutes and then when I was done.........PlusiGirl went off line....ugh!!  well, the party is in 30 minutes, hopefully my internet will hold out and I will be there!


oh....let me share a funny with you:

who likes reading directions, anyway?? 


  1. My sister is following you cuz!(she's miss piggy)

  2. then she's my cuz too!! never thought I'd have a piggy for a cuz!! lol!! does she like reese cups?

  3. and I almost forgot, Miss Piggy is a much better name than anonymous!! and easier to spell!!

  4. I feel sorry for that cat. -goes get new instructions, re-reads it and fixes cat-

  5. I'm here! (I'm not a pig, Please don't worry xD) i love reeses cups too! Once i eat them I can't stop! No! that poor cat!


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