Thursday, February 2, 2012

Imposters Impossibly Impostering!

Everywhere I go, there are these imposters impossibly impostering me!   IF they looked good while doing it, well, maybe I wouldn't mind, but this is just plain insulting!!

This group got all shy and giggly when I confronted them.  How embarrassing for them! 

These guys got into a fight right in front of me!  The skinny guy thought he was the best looking Tigger.  The bald guy clobbered him.  I could see my intervention was not needed so I snuck past them, uh, I mean I marched right past them, because I AM the Best Looking Tigger!  (head my held high, that's right!)

Then there's this dude.................(or is it a dudette?)

Dude can't even afford sleeves!!  And what's up with that face???  **shakes head** Its just humiliating, I tell ya.  Be glad you folks on AJ at least have good looking imposters!


  1. Tiggerkat's MomFebruary 4, 2012 at 7:43 AM

    You'll have to stop eating so much Reese's Cups! Try this. It's called Pizza. -hands Tiggerkat pizza-

  2. awwww, Mom!!! Tiggerkats don't like***umpf (Tiggerkat's mom shoves pizza in mouth)***chews***swallows*** Blech! Next time can you put reese cups on the pizza?


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