Friday, February 10, 2012

Freaky Friday Imposters, including Fuzzy Shy Ivy!!

What a way to start the weekend, having to chase off imposters everywhere I go!!   Don't be fooled by these guys!  (I think one of them may even be Fuzzy Shy Ivy!!!)

That one's pretty lame, I don't think he'll fool anyone!  This next guy can't decide if he's spiderman or tigger!  He's cool to watch, but pretty lame impersonation!  I mean, where's the tail????

And here's another one that I don't think will really fool anyone:

And this next one...........well, she thinks she's clever and thinks she can imposter me, but I see that Panda bear behind that costume!!   I know that's Fuzzy Shy Ivy as Cinnamon Cake, but she doesn't fool me for one second!!

I think she is stalking me to get all my Reese Cups!!  Give it up Fuzzy!  I'll never let you near them!  Never!!


  1. Aww! That panda in the tigger suit is cute.

    1. Agreed too!


  2. D: NOOOOO!too many impostors!

  3. You must be a hit if everyone wants to be you!


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