Saturday, October 19, 2013

Extreme (Ocean) Pumpkins!!!!

Today I went to the Belize Annual Scuba Pumpkin Carving Festival!

Divers Grabbed Their Pumpkins

And Started Carving

Until A Giant Turtle Attacked!!

The Divers Had to Swim for their Lives!!

Those Who Survived took their Pumpkins to the Judge:

Captain Jack Sparrow!

All Pumpkins had to be Ocean Themed!

Here Are the Finalists that Captain Jack Judged:

The Deep Sea Angler

The Kraken

Sea Urchin Alien

Scary Octopus

Sea Turtle

Giant Jelly Fish

But this was what Captain Jack Choose for Grand Champion!

I think he was Biased in his Judging!

Then, Dockside

We Heard an Explosion

As pumpkin zombies emerged from a pumpkin!!


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