Friday, September 20, 2013

You never know what you'll find.........

When you Clean Your Belly-Button!!

All that great material!  

What's the Daughter of an Artist to Do?

So Glad You Asked!!

Here are some Great Pieces of Art 

made by ME from my BBL
(belly button lint)

A Cute Teddy:

A replica of Kit Kat 

No wait----this is a better replica of Kit Kat!!

A Necklace----Any Takers??

Look out Dust Bunnies!!

I have -- 

Lint Bunnies!!


Kit Kat was watching me

She's such a Copy-Kat!!

Wonder how much Lint  She found???

***Peeks in her Bedroom***


(she put her minions to work fast!)

What will I do to top that?

I know!

Tomorrow I think I shall floss my toes!

(Ugh!  Might want to trim my nails first!)

Wander what I will find and what wonderful art could be made??

(Disclaimer: no belly buttons were hurt in the making of this blog post)


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