Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pie Baking Competition!

Today my pets and I had a pie baking competition!!

(Okay, I'll admit --- none of them looked like that!!)

But some of the pies were PRETTY Awesome!!

Here was the pie I made!!


Reese made a pie, Too

(it was so good he ate most of it already!!)

Here's Peanut Butter's Pie
(trying saying THAT fast three times!)

Umm, it was a Mud Pie.

Wish he would have told me that before I


Ate a piece.

Cup also participated

You Know how good He is at Cooking!

(I don't know why he made a cupcake instead??)

Reese Puff didn't want pie...

He just took  one of Cups' Cupcakes!!

It didn't last very long

York made a Great Pie

It Would look SO much better with a reese cup

But York refused unless I could find a Pink Reese Cup


Here's Kit Kat's pie




Give Me Your Best Bounce!!