Monday, September 1, 2014

Good-Bye Again

I think I am done with blogging.....except for Tiggerkat's Ode to God because I feel so compelled to speak my thoughts on God.

I am taking my writings to WattPad  and Deviant Art  and you can find me on Instagram at "TheRealTIggerkat"

So for the 2 of you who are still following this blog, please keep in touch and see me at those other sites!

Miss you all!

<3   TK


  1. I'll miss you! :(

    Please accept this gift! -hands extravagant Reese Cup basket-

    But I'm on Wattpad, so I'll see you on there. :)

  2. ***looks up at Quinn with a Reese Cup stained face***

    C-Ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. thou must get-ith thyself one, pronto-ith

      cause a tigger can't be without her eyorre!!

  4. You're in Wattpad too? Can u give me ur username [I'm in it too, my name is Mimi26392]? :D Gonna miss u; Tiggerkat's Ode To Reese Cups was the best blog that had ever been! :'(

    1. thanks, it was so much fun and friends like you made it even more fun! I am TheRealTiggerkat on wattpad and DA, see ya there!! (actually, probably not on DA, I have been having trouble with that site!)


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